Friday, January 5, 2018

Never interrupt an enemy when he's making a mistake!

Who was it who said: "Never interrupt an enemy when he's making a mistake."?

The web says it was Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Or maybe it was Danny Napoleon

Or maybe it was Napoleon Lajoie ("Nap," to us Rhode Islanders).

Who cares who said it? It's great advice. 

And, in the current context, it means, as applied to Democrats in the House and Senate, and Democratic candidates for those offices, it means this: DON'T PUSH FOR THE IMPEACHMENT OF TRUMP.

Sooner or later, the Republicans in the House will admit--they already know it if they have half of a half of a half a brain--that Trump is an albatross around their neck. They will start impeachment proceedings, or proceedings under the 25th Amendment. And, if they succeed, we'll be struck with President Michael Richard Pence, who is three times more conservative than Trump, can get along with Congressional conservatives of all stripes, and looks and sounds oh so reasonable. 

Whom would you trust, this guy

or this guy?

Yes, Trump is 
  • abusive, 
  • boorish, 
  • contemptuous, 
  • devious, 
  • egocentric, 
  • fatuous, 
  • grasping, 
  • haughty, 
  • ignorant, 
  • juvenile, 
  • knavish, 
  • laughable, 
  • mysogenistic, 
  • narcissistic, 
  • oafish, 
  • phony, 
  • quarrelsome, 
  • racist, 
  • sadistic, 
  • tactless, 
  • untrustworthy, 
  • vindictive, 
  • warped, 
  • xenophobic, 
  • yokelish, and 
  • zany. 
And, he is so incompetent he could walk us into a major war. 

But he is not a long-term threat to the American people -- if Democrats get off their asses and vote in November for Democrats for the House and Senate. 

Pence, however, is, just because he's not Trump. If, by some twist of fate, the House impeaches Trump and the Senate convicts him before November 6, the main argument that the Democrats can take to the nation--that they are needed to restrain Trump before he blows us all up--will be removed. Imagine a half-competent polished right-wing extremist like Pence, arm-in-arm with Ryan and McConnell.

Thus, to my fellow Democrats: restrain yourselves and stop trying to get rid of The Donald.

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