Friday, November 20, 2015

The Republican nominee will be...

That guy looks really familiar. 

What's he doing, thinking about what would have happened had Jimmy Carter's grandson not snuck into the fundraiser in Boca and recorded that damned "47%" speech?'s Willard Romney, the ex-fund raiser for Bain Capital.

Lovable Mitt.

It's obvious, maybe.

Here's the latest averages from Real Clear Politics:

TRUMP:  24.6%
CARSON: 21.8%
RUBIO: 12.4%
CRUZ: 11.0%
KASICH: 3.4%
PAUL: 3.2%
PATAKI: 0.6%
GRAHAM (Lindsey, not Otto): 0.4%
JINDAL: 0.3%

Jindal has "suspended" his campaign. Let's assume that his backers go back to sleep.

I refuse to believe that even this Republican Party is going to nominate either of the two know-nothings at the top of the polls. Besides, Iowa is ground-game central, so can we assume that The Donald and Doctor Carson have no effective ground game? I think that's a fair bet. Besides, many GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are not going to vote for either of these two clowns no matter what the polls say. 

Let's assume Rubio is un-nominable because of his prior "record" on immigration. 

Let's assume Cruz wears badly as the months go on. That strange-looking face with the voice of chalk on a chalkboard. Maybe Trump should say "Look at that face" and point to Cruz!

Are these unrealistic assumptions? Hardly. 

So, who's left? Bush, Kasich and Fiorina. 'Nuf said.

Enter Mitt.

By the way, why did Ben Carson retire from medicine?

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